Wide Nasal Bones: Here’s How You Can Reduce Excess Nose Width

A wide nasal dorsum is an aesthetic concern for many, as it can impact their facial appearance. Some of the most common causes of broad nasal bones include genetics, previous surgeries, or injury. Additionally, the prevalence of the nasal bone being too wide varies among people.


A wide nasal dorsum is an aesthetic concern for many, as it can impact their facial appearance. Some of the most common causes of broad nasal bones include genetics, previous surgeries, or injury. Additionally, the prevalence of the nasal bone being too wide varies among people.

For some, it could be because of their nasal tip or nostrils; for others, it could be due to the bridge. A wide nose job is a permanent solution that can help you change the bone structure of the nose. The aim of this nose job is to narrow the nose, allowing patients to have their desired nose.

Before pursuing such a procedure, you must be aware of the cause of a broad nose and the available treatment options and processes, as this can help you make the right decision.

Common causes of a wide nose

Individuals have to visit a medical professional to determine what the cause of their wide nose is. However, doing so is essential as it helps in determining suitable wide nose rhinoplasty options. Some of the most common causes of a wide nose include:

1. Genetics

One of the primary factors that determines your nose width and shape is your genetics. It’s possible that if both of your parents have a wide nose, you might have this facial feature as well.

2. Previous surgeries

If you’ve had a nose job before to lower your dorsal hump, it can be a contributing factor to a wide nose. A dorsal hump is an irregularity in the structure of your nose and involves both the cartilage and nose bones.

A dorsal or nasal hump can vary in shape and size, and although they aren’t visible from a frontal view, they can be seen from a side profile. A reconstructive surgery done to lower the bony dorsum may lead to a broad nasal bridge or wide nostrils.

3. Injury

Injuries can also be another factor that contributes to someone having a wide nose. Severe injuries can alter the structure of the nasal bones, causing them to shift and spread out.

4. Ageing

This is one of the more overlooked factors that contribute to individuals having a wide nose. As we age, different parts of our body, including our nose, change. Due to this, it’s possible that someone’s nostril or nasal tip becomes wider than it used to be.

How can I fix a wide nose?

Both surgical and non-surgical options are available to narrow the shape of the nose. Non-surgical options are commonly perceived as ineffective when narrowing a broad nose. However, contrary to this belief, filler can be injected into different parts of the nose to make it more proportionate to the face.

This procedure doesn’t actually reduce the width of the nose. It aims to achieve optical symmetry, making the nose appear less broad than it actually is. This procedure can be a suitable option for those who want to alleviate broad nose concerns without undergoing surgery.

A wide nose rhinoplasty, on the other hand, is a procedure in which the surgeon alters the shape of the nostrils and nasal bones to reduce the width. The entire nose job process is divided into multiple stages, and two options are open or closed rhinoplasty.

The option that’s suitable for you depends on different factors. Some of these factors include the thickness of your skin, the structure of your nasal bones, your medical history, the desired outcome, and the current condition of your nose.

What is the preoperative procedure for a broad nose job?

The preoperative rhinoplasty procedure to fix a wide nose starts with an initial consultation. During the consultation, Mr. Golchin, an expert rhinoplasty surgeon, asks you to express any concerns regarding how your nose appears and any symptoms you may be experiencing. In addition, Mr. Golchin will also take digital images of your face.

These pictures are then analysed using computer imaging software to determine suitable surgery options and outcomes that can be achieved. Alongside these results, Mr. Golchin also considers the physical characteristics mentioned above, as they may impact the technical aspects of the surgery.

You may also need to see your physician for x-rays or bloodwork that will be required. In addition, Mr. Golchin will give you precise instructions and necessary prescriptions, along with a list of medications that you need to avoid before the surgery.

What is the nasal bone surgical procedure?

The rhinoplasty procedure for a wide nose begins when you are fully sedated. Prior to the procedure, general anaesthesia is used. However, in some cases, local anaesthesia combined with intravenous sedation can be used if it’s sufficient.

Depending on your condition and results expectations, Mr. Golchin may decide to perform an open or closed rhinoplasty. The exact procedure for both options is slightly different. Let’s look at that in more detail.

1. Open rhinoplasty – this option involves making small incisions under the nostrils so that surgical equipment can be used to sculpt the nose to the desired shape. Mr. Golchin only prefers to use this method if there are severe abnormalities with the nasal tip, as the method can lead to visible scarring.

2. Closed rhinoplasty – in this approach, small incisions are made inside the nose, allowing Mr. Golchin to separate the skin from the nasal bone and cartilage and sculpt the nose to the desired shape. This method allows him to have more delicate control over the final shape.

The extent of the sculpting depends on your nasal anatomy. The procedure may take up to three hours. Once complete, Mr. Golchin applies a plaster to your nose to help you protect and maintain its new shape.

The recovery process may take up to two weeks, and bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes during this period are common. It’s recommended that strenuous physical activity be avoided for around six weeks.

Final thoughts

Having a wide nose can lead to individuals developing concerns about their appearance. Some reasons why people may have a wide nose include genetics, injury, dorsal augmentation surgery, or ageing. Despite this reason, an open or closed wide nose rhinoplasty can help adjust the nasal bones to remove the excess width. Get in touch now to learn more.

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