Forehead Wrinkles Treatment

If you are growing concerned over fine lines or suddenly noticed a definite forehead wrinkle or two, there are straightforward ways to help get rid of forehead wrinkles.


You really can turn back time… and lose those forehead wrinkles

Appearance of forehead lines and wrinkles – are not just signs of facial aging.

There are other factors in play too. Such as sun exposure, lifestyle, stress and repeated facial expressions, even a genetic influence.

If you are growing concerned over fine lines or suddenly noticed a definite forehead wrinkle or two, there are straightforward ways to help get rid of forehead wrinkles, to regain that smooth look. From cosmetic skincare, such as retinol to botox injectables.

Your forehead wrinkles may not completely vanish, but you may be able to reduce the appearance of deep forehead wrinkles. In weeks you could regain that natural youthful look more effectively than ever before.

What causes forehead wrinkles and lines?

Reduced collagen and elastin

One of the main factors that cause forehead wrinkles to form is the reduced production of collagen and elastin fibres in the second, deepest layer of the skin called the ‘dermis’. It is the collagen and elastin fibres which gives the skin its elasticity and smooth appearance.

The reduced collagen production actually starts from the age of 20 – decreasing by 1 per cent each year. Cell turnover – removal of dead skin cells – also falls by 28 per cent. During our thirties, there is a slowing down of moisture from the dermis reaching the epidermis (upper skin layer). Fat cells begin to shrink leading to the formation of forehead lines and the appearance of a definite forehead wrinkle.

Levels of collagen production will have considerably reduced by our 40s, causing their fibres to break down and lose their elasticity. Finally, in our fifties, the skin becomes dry and more easily damaged as the oil-producing, sebaceous glands shrink in size. The onset of menopause also reduces a woman’s oestrogen levels, which leaves the skin drier and less toned.

Exposure to the sun

Sun exposure is one of the most common causes of skin damage. Ultraviolet (UV) rays trigger the formation of free radicals within the skin, responsible for up to 90 per cent of skin aging and forehead wrinkles caused by sun damage.

Repetitive facial expressions

Contraction of the ‘frontalis’ muscles enables you to raise your eyebrows. However, as people age, repetitive facial expressions, such as furrowed brows causes forehead lines and, ultimately, deep forehead wrinkles to develop.

Air pollution

Air pollution from traffic in urban areas, includes nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which can contribute to increased skin aging . Many air pollutants are known to pass easily through the skin and activate multiple pathways of inflammation. Excessive levels of chronic inflammation cause more collagen to be removed than your skin can create, leading to skin laxity (loss of firmness and structure), fine lines and wrinkles.


10 per cent of skin aging is based upon your inherited DNA and gene expression, a process which will vary from person to person. Typical hereditary factors which lead to premature aging are fragile skin and an inability to generate collagen. Variants in particular genes are also associated with an increased risk of developing lines and wrinkles, which will include forehead wrinkles.


Smoking is a main cause of premature skin aging and the formation of deep wrinkles. Nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow, limit oxygen flow, reduce collagen production and damages the skin’s elasticity.

Smoking also reduces the skin’s moisture and vitamin nutrients, a process crucial for combating free radical damage, and eventually causes skin dryness.


A high-fat and sugar diet or eating too many processed carbs, e.g. pasta, can significantly contribute towards aging of the skin. Inflammatory damage is caused as a result of oxidative stress (difficulty to detoxify) in cells and tissues.

What treatments are best for forehead wrinkles?

A treatment for forehead wrinkles or simply forehead lines should be based upon their cause and severity. Consultation with a dermatologist will help determine the right treatment options for you. How best to get rid of forehead wrinkles may include lifestyle changes as well as fillers, injectables or lasers.

Early treatments to prevent forehead wrinkles when they first appear as fine forehead lines may include a cosmetic, skin care and beauty approach. However, for getting rid of more pronounced forehead lines and deep wrinkles, a treatment such as injections, fillers or resurfacing lasers, may be able to achieve a more noticeable difference.

Skincare beauty

A skincare serum with collagen peptides – building blocks of certain proteins needed by the skin – and Vitamin A, can stimulate collagen regeneration to reduce signs of skin aging.

Fine lines can be improved with good skincare, including topical retinoids, a class of chemical compounds used to address deficiencies of vitamin A and proven to stimulate collagen growth. Retinoids are FDA-approved, high concentration and able to turn over skin cells at a faster rate.

Retinol, which is a type of retinoid derived from Vitamin A, is available over the counter, lower concentration, and takes longer to provide similar, effective results. It is however, often recommended by a dermatologist to prevent and reverse signs of skin aging.

Small molecules go deep into the dermis (middle layer of skin) to help neutralise free radicals and boost the production of elastin and collagen connective tissue. Skin ‘plumping’ has the effect of reducing forehead wrinkles, and cell turnover further improves skin texture and tone.

Anti wrinkle injections

A highly popular and effective way to reduce the forehead wrinkle are anti wrinkle injections of Botulinum toxin, more popularly known as botox in cosmetic procedures.

Anti wrinkle botox injections do not rebuild connective tissue in the skin. In this form of wrinkle treatment, the signal between nerve and muscle is interrupted, relaxing the muscles and smoothing the skin.

Typically used in forehead treatment

Injections of botox, which use very fine needle and are quick and painless, are typically used in treating the forehead where three main muscles cause forehead and frown lines. Immediately following anti wrinkle treatment it is always advised to not lie down for four hours or take a hot shower or sauna, and avoid heavy exercise.

Side Effects

Immediately after treatment, small red bumps may  sometimes appear on the surface of the skin which will fade in 20-30 minutes. Slight bruising is always a possibility, which should resolve after a couple of days. Other common side effects which may be experienced, include a slight pain, bruises, or swelling at the site of the  injection, and a headache.

Noticeable results

Improvements in forehead wrinkle and overall skin texture can take around 4-5 days to become noticeable, and 10 days to see the final result. The effect usually lasts around 12 weeks, after which time, another treatment by injection is required. After several forehead treatments to help reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, the smooth effect may last four months or more.

Treatments and skincare products which produce new connective skin tissue can also be used in conjunction with botox injections.

Dermal fillers

Injecting a soft tissue filler is a treatment which aims to correct changes brought on by the gradual loss of supportive fat and bone structure, and are causes of aging facial skin.

Dermal fillers also contain hyaluronic acid serum, found in some fluids and tissues in the body, which stimulates the skin to produce more smooth, connective tissue.

C02 laser resurfacing

C02 laser resurfacing is a treatment to smoothen all kinds of fine lines and facial wrinkles, skin blemishes and acne scars. It is particularly effective in the treatment of reducing wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth.

The process involves directing short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at the top layer of skin and precisely removing, layer by layer, in a pre-selected pattern.

Stimulate skin regrowth

C02 laser resurfacing is a type of ‘wounding’ of the skin to stimulate its regrowth. The ‘micro-wounds’ caused by the laser light penetrate deep into the sub-dermal layers of the skin to encourage rapid cell turn over and fresh connective skin tissue.

The process start with the application of a topical numbing cream, and possibly, the use of a mild sedative to ensure a patient’s comfort for the duration of the treatment. A handheld treatment device is used to treat the target forehead area.

Faint tingling

During the treatment, a faint tingling or other minor sensation may be felt as the handheld device moves over the skin. However, no discomfort is experienced at any time during treatment, which normally takes between 30 – 60 minutes.

Side effects and first results

Side effects sometimes experienced during recovery, which generally takes 7 to 10 days, include minor redness or swelling that normally fades within days of treatment. The first noticeable results can be seen around 10 days after treatment, and results can last for several months and even up to a year or more.

Other laser treatments

Other laser treatments include Fractional Lasers for mild-to-moderately severe fine lines or wrinkles, and Erbium lasers, to penetrate into deeper levels of skin for promoting the growth of new connective skin tissue.

However C02 laser treatments are stronger than many other laser treatments because they penetrate deep skin layers at the same time. This means patients will only require one C02 laser treatment session to achieve an effective, noticeable result.

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