Find out how a higher nose bridge can be corrected via rhinoplasty

Nose surgery, known as rhinoplasty, is a procedure that can address both cosmetic and breathing issues, aiming to improve appearance and overall well-being.


Nose surgery, known as rhinoplasty, is a procedure that can address both cosmetic and breathing issues, aiming to improve appearance and overall well-being.

If you’re unhappy with how the bony part of your nose looks, such as bumps, depressions, or crookedness along the nasal bridge, bridge rhinoplasty might be a suitable option.

Nose bridge rhinoplasty specifically targets the bony area of the nose to smooth out bumps, fill in depressions, or straighten any deviations. This procedure can significantly change the way your nose looks and functions.

To determine if bridge rhinoplasty is the right choice for you, consider scheduling a consultation with Mr. Golchin.

What exactly is the nose bridge rhinoplasty?

The nose bridge is the upper part of your nose, stretching from between your eyes down to the middle. It’s a hard section, mostly consisting of bone.
Nose bridge rhinoplasty, also called dorsum rhinoplasty, is a common type of nose job that specifically focuses on changing the shape of the nasal bridge. This procedure involves skilfully shaping the bridge to make your nose appear larger, smaller, narrower, or wider.

Your nose bridge is composed of bones and cartilage. During a bridge rhinoplasty, your surgeon adeptly adjusts the bone and cartilage of your nose bridge to modify its height and width, resulting in a more refined and smooth nasal profile.

What are some general nasal bridge concerns, and how can they be addressed?

There are many nasal bridge types, including high, low, wide, and narrow. Let’s briefly discuss each.

High nose bridge

A high or prominent nose bridge is characterised by excess bone or cartilage projecting prominently from the face. In side profile, the nose may seem overly prominent, and from the front, it can give the impression of being too large for your face, potentially making your eyes appear narrow.

During a bridge rhinoplasty, Mr. Golchin performs precise fractures to remove extra bones, then shaves down the nose’s bone and cartilage, reducing the bridge size and reshaping the nose. This procedure can also include removing a nose bump.

The outcome is usually a smaller nose that sits closer to your face, achieving better proportionality with your eyes and lips.

Low nasal bridge

A low or saddle nose lacks height due to insufficient cartilage or bone in the nose dorsum. This condition can result from a previous unsuccessful nose job, an accident, facial trauma, or be congenital.

A low nose bridge gives the nose a depressed look in profile, while from the front, it appears wide, flat, and undefined due to inadequate bone and cartilage support.

Dorsum rhinoplasty can add to the nose bridge, raising its height, enhancing the overall nose height, and restoring facial harmony. This approach differs from traditional rhinoplasty as it focuses on augmenting, rather than removing, the nasal bridge to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

Broad nasal bridge

When the upper bones of the nose are broad, it gives the appearance of a wide nasal bridge. This can be due to genetics, a previous unsuccessful nose job, or an accident. A wide nasal bridge can make your nose look large for your face, and your eyes may appear smaller than they actually are.

A wide rhinoplasty is performed to address a broad nose bridge. This procedure involves changing the bone structure at the top of the nose.

Narrow nasal bridge

A narrow nasal bridge can result in a pinched nose appearance, potentially impacting your breathing. This can be the result of a previous reduction rhinoplasty gone wrong, or it could be genetic. A narrow nose can make your entire face seem wider than it is, and your eyes may appear too far apart.

Can nose bridge surgery include other procedures?

While performing your nose bridge rhinoplasty, the plastic surgeon can also enhance your nose tip, adjust nostril shape, and address any breathing difficulties caused by nose deformities.

Additionally, your rhinoplasty can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries. Procedures like injectable dermal fillers can be done simultaneously with your nose job.

Recovery after nose bridge surgery

Recovering from higher nose bridge rhinoplasty requires some downtime for healing. Typically, patients can resume work and regular activities about 10 days after their nose job.

Around two weeks post-surgery, swelling and bruising will start to diminish. Within three months, most of these effects will subside, revealing the initial results of your rhinoplasty.

However, patience is key to seeing the final outcome, as healing from bridge rhinoplasty can take up to a year. Adhering to your surgeon’s post-op care instructions and maintaining proper nose care will contribute to a smooth recovery.

It’s important to note that the recovery duration after nose surgery varies for each patient, depending on the extent of the procedure, any potential wound healing issues, and overall health.

Who can benefit from higher nose bridge rhinoplasty?

Higher nose bridge rhinoplasty is a solution for many individuals dissatisfied with the elevated appearance of their nasal bridge. It aims to achieve a more polished, even, and well-shaped nose.

Generally, suitable candidates for bridge rhinoplasty are those with noticeable depressions or bumps along the bridge. This also includes individuals with a crooked or wide bridge or other cosmetic concerns related to the nasal bridge.

Ideal candidates should maintain good overall health without major medical issues, such as cardiovascular disease, and approach plastic surgery with realistic expectations.

Bottom line

A prominent bridge plays a crucial role in shaping the face. Making subtle changes to the bridge can bring about a more appealing facial balance. Rhinoplasty, in general, has gained popularity in the UK, addressing both cosmetic and medical needs.

If you’re curious about whether bridge rhinoplasty is a suitable option for you or if you want to explore other plastic surgery treatments to enhance your appearance, feel free to contact Mr. Golchin today.

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