How to reduce nose tip via rhinoplasty surgery

The shape of your nose can significantly influence your facial appearance, and the nasal tip can play a crucial role in achieving a desired look.


The shape of your nose can significantly influence your facial appearance, and the nasal tip can play a crucial role in achieving a desired look. Tip rhinoplasty is a suitable option for those dissatisfied with a downward droop of the nasal cartilage at the tip.

This procedure is beneficial for individuals with a wide, bulbous, long, or short nose tip, as well as those with uneven tips, birth defects or injuries. Moreover, tip rhinoplasty can also help improve breathing issues.

During a tip rhinoplasty, Mr. Golchin adjusts the cartilage structure at the nasal tip, refining its shape by narrowing and raising the nasal profile. He is an experienced ENT consultant and cosmetic surgeon whose innovative techniques have gained international recognition from patients, peers, and the media.

So, let’s get into the details of how to reduce a nose tip via rhinoplasty surgery and achieve a more balanced nose.

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What is considered a bulbous tip?

A bulbous tip is a nose shape with a round, projected tip. It’s a common nose shape found in various ethnicities, where fatty tissue gathers at the bottom of the nose, creating a rounded appearance.

Many people find the bulbous tip attractive, especially in Western cultures, considering it a beauty trait. However, some individuals might feel that their bulbous tip is overly large or prominent. In such cases, they may opt for cosmetic procedures to reduce the size of the bulbous tip.

Understanding nose tip surgery

Nose tip surgery, also known as Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty, is a localised procedure specifically focusing on the nose tip. This surgery aims to reshape or reduce the size of the nose tip to achieve optimal projection and proportions in harmony with the rest of the nose.

This type of rhinoplasty is suitable for individuals content with their nose’s overall appearance but seeking refinement around the nose tip or nostrils. Nasal tip rhinoplasty involves adjustments to the nose tip, such as removing excess cartilage and refining the nostrils.

Notably, the nasal bones remain untouched in this procedure, making it less invasive than a full rhinoplasty. Despite its minimal invasiveness, the results can be equally impressive as those of the more well-known, more invasive rhinoplasty surgery.

What are the causes of having a bulbous nose?

A The bulbous tip of the nose, often referred to as a “boxy” appearance, can result from various factors such as genetics, trauma, and ageing.
Let’s get into the details behind a bulbous tip:

1. Genetic factors:

Genetics can influence the shape of your nose. Some individuals are naturally born with a more rounded or bulbous nose tip.

2. Trauma:

Nose injuries, whether from direct impact or prior rhinoplasty procedures, can alter the shape of the nose tip, leading to a bulbous appearance.

3. Ageing:

The natural ageing process can contribute to changes in nose shape. As collagen and elastin decrease with age, the nose tip may become softer and more rounded.

4. Cartilage and bone structure:

The underlying structure of cartilage and bone in the nose can affect its appearance. Thicker or more defined cartilage and bone may contribute to a bulbous nose tip.

Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Mr. Golchin is crucial for an accurate assessment and determining the most suitable treatment for each individual case.

Who is an ideal candidate for nose tip surgery?

For individuals considering nose tip surgery, good physical health is essential, and ideally, they should not be smokers. This procedure is typically recommended for adults whose facial features are fully developed. Mental readiness is crucial; patients should have clear and realistic expectations about achievable outcomes. Understanding the risks and having a positive attitude towards the procedure can significantly enhance the overall experience and satisfaction with the results.

What does nose tip surgery involve?

While less extensive than a full rhinoplasty, a tip plasty procedure demands a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon. The procedure, conducted under general anaesthesia, involves meticulous refinements through small incisions inside the nostrils, ensuring a scar-free process.

Post-surgery, it’s vital to refrain from touching the nose area and engaging in vigorous activities for about three to four weeks. External swelling and bruising typically diminish within a few weeks, but internal swelling may persist, causing a sensation similar to a blocked nose for a couple of months.

Recovering from tip nose surgery

Recovery from bulbous tip nose surgery is generally straightforward and doesn’t significantly disrupt daily life. Mild discomfort and swelling may occur in the days and weeks following the procedure, but these can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses.

Immediate post-surgery period

After the surgery, expect some bruising and swelling around the nose, which typically diminishes within a few days. Numbness in the nose area is normal and usually resolves within a few weeks.

Activity restrictions

Completely exclude intense activities and contact sports for at least a few weeks post-surgery. Minimise touching the nose during the recovery period, and regularly apply ointment to reduce crusting or scabbing.

Special considerations

Refrain from wearing glasses or sunglasses on the nose for at least two weeks. It’s important to note that swelling may lead to a sensation similar to a blocked nose for a couple of months.

Adhering to these guidelines will facilitate a smoother and more comfortable recovery process.

Choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon

Finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon is a vital decision that depends on the expertise of the chosen professional. The surgeon’s skill plays a crucial role in minimising scar tissue. If you’re considering reducing your nose tip via rhinoplasty surgery, consulting with Mr. Golchin is a wise step.

Schedule a consultation, openly discuss your concerns and goals, and finalise your decision before setting a surgery date.

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