Nose bump removal: symptoms, causes and procedure of dorsal hump

Nose bumps, or dorsal humps, are cartilage and bone irregularities, and are a common occurrences. These bumps occur naturally and do not entail health concerns.


Nose bumps, or dorsal humps, are cartilage and bone irregularities, and are a common occurrences. These bumps occur naturally and do not entail health concerns. However, a dorsal bump may induce self-consciousness in some people.

A dorsal hump is one of the most common reasons why people go for rhinoplasty in London because having a prominent bump affects the overall appearance of the face.

This surgery is often known as a “nose job” as well. This article will shed light on the symptoms, causes, and different nose bump removal procedures.

Symptoms of nose-bump

Pimples or bumps on the nose are the major indication that a person has dorsal humps. Some other associated symptoms of an irregular nose shape include:

• Nostril pain
• Bruising in or around the nose
• Alien sensation
• Swelling in the nasal cavity
• Redness in the nose area

A blockage or irritation in the nose hair may infect the nose, resulting in swelling and tenderness. These infections can disrupt nasal functionality and lead to dorsal hump.

Causes of dorsal hump

The nasal dorsum, or nose bridge, is the connecting structure between the nose and the face. There are several reasons why the dorsum develops bumps, some of which are mentioned below.

Genetic problem

Dorsal bumps can be genetic for some people; that is, they tend to get nose bumps because of the natural structure of their noses. Dorsal humps, as a result of genetics, may not always appear in childhood but rather when an individual reaches the age of puberty. Any of the following parts may develop bumps.

• Nasal cavity – the cavity or space behind one’s nose
• Septum – a structure made of both bone and cartilage which separates the nostrils
• Nostrils – the entry point of the cavity of the nose

Injury to nose

Another major cause of a nose bump is an injury to the nose. If your nose was broken, it may develop a dorsal hump if there is an unevenness between the bone and cartilage.

It is often the case that injury-related nose bumps are self-inflicted. For example, nose piercing may lead to a nose infection, which can result in a dorsal hump.


Sometimes, allergies can cause dorsal humps too. Other than allergies, polyps may develop in the nasal cavity and can lead to nose bumps due to the coverage of the sinuses.


Hair follicles stop bacteria and fungi from getting past them to avoid infection. However, an infection can often occur when these microorganisms get past the hair follicles. If such infections become sever, the result can sometimes be the formation of a nose bump.

Dorsal hump removal procedures

Rhinoplasty is the procedure used to remove dorsal humps. A person can get either surgical rhinoplasty or nonsurgical rhinoplasty, depending on the dorsal hump.

Surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgical rhinoplasty by Mr. Golchin is one of the safest procedures for rhinoplasty in London. It is further divided into two types.

Open rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is the most common method to permanently remove a nose bump. This surgical treatment of nose bumps requires general anaesthesia. A small incision is then made to get a proper view of the cartilage and bone in order to better understand the situation of the dorsal hump.

The nose contour is then reshaped, which may include properly breaking and resetting nasal bones. After open rhinoplasty is done, the nose is covered in a cast for up to a week, and it may take up to three weeks to fully recover.

Closed rhinoplasty

As the name suggests, closed rhinoplasty does not include any visible incisions. Instead, the work is done through the nostrils. Cartilage and bone above the nasal passages are modified to give the nose an improved shape.

The recovery time in the case of closed rhinoplasty is less, and the nose takes 1 to 2 weeks before it is properly healed. This type of nose surgery also requires general anaesthesia.

Non Surgical Procedure for Nose Bump Removal

The nonsurgical method of dealing with a nose bump is a longer process than the surgical method. The results of a non-surgical nose job may take 6 months to 2 years before becoming visible.

Dermal fillers are used to fill the areas where the dorsal hump begins. Topical anaesthesia is required for non-surgical rhinoplasty and treatment itself take approximately 30 mintues. As it is a nonsurgical nose job, one can resume normal activities immediately after this method, which is also called liquid rhinoplasty.

Risks of rhinoplasty procedure

If a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon like Mr. Golchin is carrying our your nose job procedure there is absolutely nothing you should worry about. Like any other surgical process, nose surgery also involves an operation. However, the risks involved in nose jobs are not high.

Sometimes, if a person’s skin is heavy, the nose may drop a little with time. However, Mr. Golchin is best equipped to advise on how to best prevent this.

Rhinoplasty in London – Final Thoughts

Nose irregularities are not untreatable. A person’s nose is one of the most visible parts of the body, and where an irregularity occurs many people seek to treat it as soon as they can in order to best address the appearance of their nose.

People are often unsure where to start when it comes to finding a surgeon to remove their nose bump. For the residents of the UK, particularly London, the answer to this question should be straightforward – Mr. Golchin. Being an experienced surgeon of the face and neck, Mr. Golchin knows how to perfectly perform the dorsal hump correction and correct the nose irregularities.

I was very nervous about getting lip fillers for years, but I got recommended to Mr Golchin and I cannot recommend him enough! He made me feel at ease about the treatment and gave me exactly what I wanted! It was painfree and my results are amazing! – Sarah


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