CO2 Laser Treatment

Laser Resurfacing is a brilliant way of rejuvenating and tightening skin when used appropriately.


Current advances in laser skin resurfacing have achieved excellent and dramatic results. Laser treatments alone although highly effective can also be combined or used in conjunction with other techniques such as surgery. A prime example would be during face or neck lifting, although surgery achieves a desired lift it does not address aging skin texture or quality, this is where the use of lasers play a role.

Lasers can also be an option alternative to surgery whereby a patient opts for a non-invasive treatment – for example as we age a particular complaint with both male and female patients is hooding of upper eyelids, laser can now achieve a non-surgical blepharoplasty to address this issue.

Mr. Golchin uses a powerful carbon-dioxide (CO2) Active FX Laser to support all areas of his practice surgical and non-surgical. The lasers technology enables individual precision focused treatment titrated to depths of deep and superficial levels. This enablement is what makes the Active FX laser so unique in its delivery, providing char-free ablation with risk free scarring.

Patients can be treated as a day case in office with local anaesthetic or have the option of being lightly sedated (twilight) provided by our anaesthetic doctors.

The laser treatment delivers a very precise pulse of energy to remove the outer skin wrinkle layer and to permit a regrowth of healthy skin with better alignment of collagen fibres. The cosmetic Laser skin treatment can be applied to specific regions, such as under the eyes or the upper lip, or to the entire face. The new generation carbon dioxide cosmetic skin lasers are the most effective and the most reliable. To view clips from one of Mr Golchin’s CO2 treatments in surgery please click here.

In the three to six months following the operation, the remodelling of collagen (structural protein of skin) will continue, and hence the process of skin rejuvenation continues post op. When combining laser with stem cell transfer, patients have found that recovery time has been halfed.

I was very nervous about getting lip fillers for years, but I got recommended to Mr Golchin and I cannot recommend him enough! He made me feel at ease about the treatment and gave me exactly what I wanted! It was painfree and my results are amazing! – Sarah


I have been attending Mr. Golchin at his clinic in Dublin for Botox & Fillers for quite a few years, with great results. I am never concerned about trying fillers in any new areas of my face or trying any new treatments suggested, as I have complete confidence in Mr. Golchin and his team. It’s very important to me to achieve a natural result while still noticing an obvious improvement and I am never disappointed. – Michelle


I contemplated rhinoplasty for a number of years and after extensive research I finally decided to go ahead with it in August 2017. To say it was a decision not taken lightly would be an understatement. I wanted the best results and the best surgeon and I can honestly say I got both. Mr Kambiz Golchin is a true professional and perfectionist and it is clear he takes great pride in his work. Mr Golchin established exactly what I wanted and delivered, surpassing my expectations. Bex


I had decided many months ago to get rhinoplasty and had since visited a number of the top surgeons in London, after being dissatisfied a friend referred Mr Golchin. From start to finish, including my pre operative care to my end result I could not be happier and would highly recommend Mr Golchin as a wonderful surgeon who has changed my life and I could not be happier with my new nose. – cmbrowne

C Browne


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