Flat nose bridge correction via rhinoplasty: Here’s what you need to know

The nasal bridge is a key aspect of the nose that significantly influences the overall look of your face. Having a symmetrical nasal bridge can greatly improve facial harmony.


The nasal bridge is a key aspect of the nose that significantly influences the overall look of your face. Having a symmetrical nasal bridge can greatly improve facial harmony.

Conversely, if your nasal bridge is underdeveloped, it can make your nose seem flat. While this may not impact your health, it can make some feel self-conscious about your appearance.

Flat or depressed nasal bridge nose surgery is a procedure designed to increase the height of the nose bridge, aiming to achieve more balanced facial symmetry.

What exactly is a flat nose bridge?

A flat nasal bridge refers to the structure and form of the nose where the bridge doesn’t stick out prominently. Unlike a high or noticeable nose bridge that gives a raised appearance, a flat nose bridge is more level with the face.

The shape and prominence of the nose bridge can vary widely among individuals and ethnic groups. For example, people of East Asian, Southeast Asian, African, and Indigenous populations may often have a flatter nose bridge.

Conversely, individuals of European, Middle Eastern, or South Asian descent might have more noticeable nose bridges. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge a diverse range of nose shapes and structures within any ethnic or racial group.

Different flat nose types

There are generally two types. Let’s briefly discuss them.

Saddle nose

Commonly known as the boxer’s nose, the saddle nose refers to a nose shape in which the tip is high, but the middle section appears flat, resembling a saddle when viewed from the side.

To achieve the desired result for saddle nose deformities, Mr. Golchin may need to raise the middle section, often accomplished by adding a dorsal implant. This implant can be made from cartilage sourced from other body parts or a synthetic material.

Asian nose

In many Asian countries, the population often exhibits a flatter nose shape compared to people from other continents. This includes both the middle section and the tip of the nose.

What are the options for enhancing a flat nose bridge?

Two primary methods exist for reshaping the nose to address a flat bridge. The non-surgical approach involves using dermal fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, in a procedure known as non-surgical nose reshaping or liquid rhinoplasty. This quick procedure requires no downtime and provides temporary results by filling and enhancing the nasal bridge.

On the other hand, a surgical solution, i.e., rhinoplasty, is the only long-term option for correcting a flat nose bridge. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that focuses on enhancing the aesthetic aspects of the nose, particularly the nasal bridge—the cartilaginous structure extending from the nose’s top to its tip.

During rhinoplasty, Mr. Golchin addresses various concerns like a dorsal hump, a flat or wide bridge, a crooked nose, or a pinched bridge to achieve a more symmetrical appearance.

Depending on the chosen technique, incisions are made either inside the nostrils or externally. The nasal bones and cartilage are then skillfully sculpted to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

Enhancing a flat nose with augmentation rhinoplasty

For individuals with a flat nose, a commonly sought-after procedure is augmentation rhinoplasty. This technique involves adding volume to the nose, particularly the bridge, to create a more projected appearance.

Materials used for augmentation

The material utilised for this surgery includes the following.


Grafts are taken from the patient’s own body, often from the septum, ear, or ribs, to lower the risk of infection or rejection.


Tissues obtained from cadavers, treated to prevent infections or disease transmissions.

Synthetic implants:

Materials like silicone offer consistent results but carry a higher risk of extrusion, infection, or shifting complications.

Before initiating the process, Mr. Golchin will carefully discuss all the pros and cons with you.

Alar base reduction

Surgeons can reduce the alar base for those wishing to narrow wide nostrils. This involves removing a small wedge of tissue at the nose’s base, reducing the nostrils’ width.

Tip plasty surgery

Individuals with flat noses may find their nasal tips lacking definition. Tip Plasty addresses this by reshaping the cartilage to provide better definition and projection.

Combining procedures

For the most aesthetically pleasing outcome, a combination of augmentation, alar base reduction, and tip plasty may be viable. This approach aims to achieve a harmonious and balanced look, addressing various aspects of the nose’s structure.

The surgical procedure

Before rhinoplasty, general anaesthesia is administered to ensure complete unconsciousness during the surgery unless alternative arrangements are made. There are two primary approaches to rhinoplasty: closed and open.

For open rhinoplasty, the mid-section of the nose is exposed, providing the surgeon with full access to the bone and middle nasal structure. For closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes incisions inside the nostrils, exposing the bones for reshaping. The procedure is conducted through the nostrils, leaving minimal visible marks after healing.

After reshaping, the surgeon uses stitches and applies a dressing or bandage to cover the nose.

Recovery after rhinoplasty

After the procedure, your nose may feel congested due to the packing left inside by the surgeon until the bleeding stops. Once awake, you’re discharged from the hospital, continuing your recovery at home.

During the initial days, it’s crucial to have assistance since returning to social settings is not recommended, minimising the risk of viral infections.

Most individuals can resume normal activities approximately one week after rhinoplasty, provided no complications arise during the procedure or recovery. Mild pain is commonly manageable with prescribed pain medication. Expect facial swelling and bruising for a few weeks, but your nose will gradually feel better as it heals.

Your doctor will prescribe painkillers; following the instructions for their proper usage is essential.

Final thoughts on flat nose surgery in the UK

Rhinoplasty has become increasingly popular in the UK, serving both cosmetic and medical purposes. This procedure offers individuals the opportunity to enhance their facial features and address medical concerns.

When dealing with a flat nose, there are various options to consider. You can choose non-surgical procedures for temporary results or opt for surgery for more lasting changes.

If you’re considering these options, contact us now to learn more about which one is best for you.

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