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If you are searching for the top bulbous nose tip surgery in London, we have got you covered.


If you are searching for the top bulbous nose tip surgery in London, we have got you covered. One of the most common concerns clients bring to Mr. Golchin is that of the bulbous nasal tip. The prominence of a bulbous tip not only reduces the harmony between the tip of the nose and the nasal bridge but also downplays the overall appearance and other facial features.

That’s where Mr. Golchin comes in! Not only do we correct the shape of the nose and reduce or increase its size, but our bulbous tip rhinoplasty helps you feel more confident. Below we detail all you need to know about the bulbous nose job. Together, let’s explore what bulbous nose tips are and why our bulbous nose rhinoplasty surgery is the perfect solution for achieving a more balanced nose!

What is a bulbous nasal tip?

Bulbous noses are enlarged or have an ill-defined tip. Having a nose shape characterised by a softer, more rounded and wider nasal tip, a bulbous nose tip appears larger in comparison to the rest of the nose.

A thick skin bulging tip creates an imbalance between the upper and lower halves of the nose. An overly wide nasal tip with respect to the nasal bridge results in imbalances in the appearance of the nose.

You may be wondering, what causes you to have a bulbous nose tip? There can be a number of reasons, both natural and unnatural. A skin disorder, rhinophyma, is believed to be one of the main causes of bulbous nose tips.

Untreated rosacea, which is an inflammatory skin condition, can result in a bulbous nose. Believe it or not, you can have a bulbous nose tip due to your genetics. The nose shapes we are born with are often inherited from our parents. Hence genetic factors can play a significant role in the development of bulbous nose tips.

Additionally, a more common cause of a bulbous nose tip is the lack of definition in your lower lateral cartilage. Found in the nasal tip, the underlying cartilage can have an overly prominent shape resulting in a bulbous appearance.

Other causes of a bulbous tip are thick skin in the tip itself. Nose injuries and accidents are the unnatural yet common causes of a bulbous nose. Identifying the cause is essential to determine the type of nose surgery you are likely to have.

Although it is far more common in men than women, the most affected age range is between 50-70 years. Fortunately for you, our nose tip rhinoplasty in London is a way of fixing a bulbous nose.

What is a rhinoplasty bulbous nose?

A bulbous nose rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery. Commonly referred to as a nose job, this surgical procedure involves reducing and reshaping your nose.

During this rhinoplasty procedure, several different techniques are used by Mr.Golchin to modify the nose. Firstly, the excess cartilage can either be reduced or modified depending on the need. The purpose of this procedure is to have a more defined tip and a better nasal structure.

In case you need a sharper nose tip, Mr. Golchin can use specialised suturing techniques to fulfil your desires. Other rhinoplasty procedures for a bulbous nose tip include treating the nasal skin. Thick skin in the rounded tip is treated with dermabrasion. This technique allows the surgeon to shrink the skin cover to make the tip narrower.

It is important to understand that whilst Mr Golchin can help to enhance your natural features and define your nose, he can not alter entirely the shape of the nose.

It is important to have realistic expectations of what can be achieved and to choose a surgeon who can help you achieve your desired results. Mr. Golchin prides himself on providing his patients with results aimed at enhancing your nose.

How is a tip rhinoplasty different to a traditional rhinoplasty?

The rhinoplasty and bulbous nose rhinoplasty are two distinct procedures involving different parts of the nose and separate nasal surgical procedures. Understanding the difference between these nose jobs can help you decide which procedure is best for you. Here are the details regarding the two types of nose jobs:


Commonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty in London is the surgical procedure of reshaping your entire nose. A nose job is a comprehensive process that involves a variety of different procedures, such as:

● Correcting nasal humps
● Resizing the nostrils
● Modifying the overall shape and size of the nose
● Straightening a crooked nose

There are two different types of rhinoplasty surgeries; open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. During the open rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes incisions across the columella. On the other hand, closed rhinoplasty involves making incisions inside the nostrils.

The next step in the surgical procedure involves the surgeon reshaping the underlying cartilage and the bone. If the changes required are extensive, cartilage grafting is carried out from the patient’s ear, septum or rib to enhance the nasal structure or to provide support to the changes.

Lastly, full rhinoplasty can also be used for functional purposes such as resolving breathing difficulties and improving nasal airway.

Tip rhinoplasty

A tip rhinoplasty is a more focused approach set to only one part of the nose; the tip. The purpose of this surgical process is to reshape the nasal tip. The bulbous nose rhinoplasty is a type of tip rhinoplasty that involves resizing and reshaping an ill-defined tip of the nose.

Other nose tip conditions treated through tip rhinoplasty are boxy or drooping nasal tips. This surgical procedure is perfect for treating asymmetry or disproportion in the tip as compared to the rest of the nose.

Mr. Golchin can perform the tip rhinoplasty through the open procedure as well as through the closed approach. We first identify the cause of the condition and then determine your needs and aesthetic goals according to our surgeon’s preferences.

Are you suitable for a bulbous nose rhinoplasty?

The crooked and rounded tip of the nose can lead to low self-confidence and poor self-esteem. Hence, many people tend to go for tip rhinoplasty surgery to reshape their noses and achieve a look they love.

However, not everyone is suitable for bulbous nose tip surgery. In the initial consultation, Mr. Golchin determines both the cause of the bulbous nose tip and whether your condition is suitable for the bulbous nose rhinoplasty.

Discover the key to unlocking facial harmony and boosting your confidence with our specialised bulbous nose rhinoplasty – a transformative journey to sculpting the perfect balance for a radiant and harmonious appearance.

Given below are some prerequisites that determine whether Mr. Golchin can go ahead with the surgery each of which he can discuss at the stage on an initial consult.

Physical examination and medical history

As you arrive for the initial consultation with Mr. Golchin, your previous medical records are examined. If you are a patient who is in good physical health and has no chronic illnesses, and should yourself and Mr Golchin agree this is the right route for you, you will make a plan for the surgery after the consultation.

The surgeon will conduct a physical examination of your nose to determine the best possible surgical procedure for your condition. During this, Mr. Golchin takes pictures of your nose for further examination.

No smoking

One of the main factors that can declare you unsuitable for surgery is if you are a smoker. As this surgery is related to the nose, a part of your body involved in smoking, You will be recommended by Mr. Golchin to quit smoking completely for at least 4 weeks before going through with the surgery.

Similarly, you will also have to stop smoking for at least 4 weeks after the surgery, as smoking can hinder the healing and recovery of the nose.

How is the bulbous nose rhinoplasty recovery period?

As bulbous tip rhinoplasty is only concerned with the tip of the nose, it is one of the simpler kinds of nose surgery. Hence the recovery period is straightforward as compared to a full rhinoplasty. The recovery is considerably less painful, with no visible scars, only some mild bruising. The minimal discomfort caused by the surgery will be mitigated by medication prescribed by Mr Golchin If appropriate.

For the benefit of best healing, patients will be required to wear the applied nasal splint for one week. This piece of equipment will keep your nose tip in its shape and protect it while it heals. Our surgeon will recommend you take at least 10 days off work or any other daily activity you do immediately following your discharge.

Your protective cast will be removed after a week, and the first post-surgery checkup will also be conducted by Mr. Golchin to examine the recovery process. After 1-2 weeks, depending on how fast you recover, the stitches will also be removed.

Many of you out there will be asking whether the nose swells after the surgery. And the answer is yes; your nose will swell in the initial recovery period. It will take around 3 months for all the swelling to fully subside.

Although your nose will take at least an year to fully settle in its new shape and position, you can begin light physical activity after 4 weeks of the surgery and strenuous physical activity such as contact sports after at least 6 weeks.

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Will I need a revision rhinoplasty after bulbous tip rhinoplasty?

There are two main reasons why you may need a revision rhinoplasty: if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the surgery or if the initial procedure resulted in a functional issue such as a breathing problem.

In the case of the patient being unhappy with the outcomes of the initial surgery, they can revisit the clinic to consult the surgeon. Mr. Golchin will carry out a thorough examination of the nose to identify the fault the patient is describing. He will then determine whether a secondary procedure is possible and whether it will bring improvement.

There are occasions when surgeries go smoothly and the outcomes are satisfactory, but the patients are still unhappy with the results. In such cases, Mr. Golchin communicates to the patients that the results they are looking for are unrealistic and the success of a secondary surgery is highly unlikely.

Whether you’ll need another nose job (revision rhinoplasty) after fixing a bulbous tip depends on how well the first surgery goes, how your body heals, and what you want. Choosing a skilled surgeon, especially in a place like London, increases the chances of a good outcome.

Keep in touch with your surgeon, talk about your expectations, and address any worries early on. While a second surgery might not be necessary, chatting about possible changes during checkups ensures you’re happy with the results of your nose job in London.

Transform your look with Mr. Golchin’s expert rhinoplasty: Say goodbye to a bulbous nose!

If you are looking for bulbous nose rhinoplasty in London, you can make an appointment with Mr Golchin at the Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge. We also have another clinic in Dublin, Ireland. With state-of-the-art imaging technology, Mr. Golchin will produce a 3D rendering of your bulbous nose tip at the initial consultation.

After an initial physical examination of your nose, our surgeon will determine the best possible surgical procedure to provide you with the desired results. Upon the completion of the surgery, Mr. Golchin will give you all the necessary safety precautions and medicine required for the pain.

Visit us today and meet Mr. Golchin in London for top bulbous nose rhinoplasty.

I was very nervous about getting lip fillers for years, but I got recommended to Mr Golchin and I cannot recommend him enough! He made me feel at ease about the treatment and gave me exactly what I wanted! It was painfree and my results are amazing! – Sarah


I have been attending Mr. Golchin at his clinic in Dublin for Botox & Fillers for quite a few years, with great results. I am never concerned about trying fillers in any new areas of my face or trying any new treatments suggested, as I have complete confidence in Mr. Golchin and his team. It’s very important to me to achieve a natural result while still noticing an obvious improvement and I am never disappointed. – Michelle


I contemplated rhinoplasty for a number of years and after extensive research I finally decided to go ahead with it in August 2017. To say it was a decision not taken lightly would be an understatement. I wanted the best results and the best surgeon and I can honestly say I got both. Mr Kambiz Golchin is a true professional and perfectionist and it is clear he takes great pride in his work. Mr Golchin established exactly what I wanted and delivered, surpassing my expectations. Bex


I had decided many months ago to get rhinoplasty and had since visited a number of the top surgeons in London, after being dissatisfied a friend referred Mr Golchin. From start to finish, including my pre operative care to my end result I could not be happier and would highly recommend Mr Golchin as a wonderful surgeon who has changed my life and I could not be happier with my new nose. – cmbrowne

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