Understanding rhinoplasty as a means of treating a Big Nose: What to expect

If you're looking to change the size or appearance of your nose, it's something that can be achieved through a rhinoplasty surgery.


The shape of your nose is determined by the cartilage and bone structure. Having a wide nose can make many people feel insecure. If you’re looking to change the size or appearance of your nose, it’s something that can be achieved through a rhinoplasty surgery. In fact, statistics show that rhinoplasty for a big nose is a very popular cosmetic surgery in the UK.

So, if you’re considering getting a rhinoplasty, Mr. Golchin is here to help. He’s an experienced and highly trained ENT consultant and cosmetic surgeon whose innovative techniques have earned international acclaim from patients, peers, and the media.

So, let’s discuss what a big nose job is and why our rhinoplasty big nose surgery is the ideal solution for achieving a more balanced and elegant nose. Explore the details with us!

What is considered a big nose?

A nose is considered wide if it extends beyond the distance between the eyes. However, it’s important to note that individual preferences, self-perception, and cultural factors play a big role in whether someone feels their nose is too wide. Larger noses can disrupt facial balance and impact a person’s confidence.

A good-looking nose, however, is one that fits well with the rest of the facial features, maintaining balance and harmony.

If a person has bold, solid facial features and a relatively wide nose, their features are likely proportionate, creating a pleasing and harmonious appearance.

On the other hand, someone with delicate facial features and a wide nose may feel a sense of imbalance, prompting a desire for a slimmer nose.

In such cases, a nose job, or rhinoplasty, can be a solution to correct a wide nose. A wide nose rhinoplasty helps narrow the nose, providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that aligns with the individual’s facial proportions.

Can you make a wide nose tip narrow without cosmetic surgery?

First off, wide nose rhinoplasty in London is the most effective and permanent way to narrow a wide nose, but there are non-surgical options that can create the illusion of nose reshaping or a slimmer nose. However, these methods offer only temporary results and may not be as influential or beneficial as surgical rhinoplasty.
Here are some non-surgical alternatives:

Liquid rhinoplasty

Sometimes called a “Non-surgical Rhinoplasty,” this method involves using dermal fillers to make subtle changes to the shape of the nose. It can help hide bumps or humps, making the nose seem straighter and narrower.

The results are temporary, lasting from six months to two years. Maintenance may require follow-up procedures, but in many cases, permanent rhinoplasty is a more effective and lasting solution compared to a liquid nose job.


Using makeup techniques, like contouring, can make your nose appear slimmer. By applying a darker foundation or contouring powder along the sides of the nose and a lighter shade down the centre, you can create the illusion of shadows and highlights. It’s worth noting that this effect is temporary and lasts only as long as the makeup is in place.

Mr. Golchin also offers a non-surgical option for nose contouring using fillers. So if you are thinking of it, consult with him right away.

How can the rhinoplasty procedure help in nose reshaping?

Rhinoplasty, especially when performed by a skilled surgeon like Mr. Golchin, is the most effective solution for addressing a nose and fixing a nasal tip.

Procedural overview

A wide nose rhinoplasty in London is designed to straighten, narrow, or adjust the angle of the nose. The procedure often involves restructuring bone and cartilage to achieve the desired appearance.

If your plastic surgeon needs to break your nose to make these adjustments, it’s called a nasal osteotomy. However, not every rhinoplasty requires this.

In some cases, tissue removal may also be part of creating a smaller nose.
Many wide-nose rhinoplasties will effectively reduce the tip’s size or nostrils, focusing more on the tip and potentially involving less invasive techniques for those with a bulbous nasal tip.

There are several common methods that rhinoplasty uses to tackle a wide nose. Some are discussed as follows.

Nasal cartilage

Wide nasal tips, often caused by lower lateral cartilages, can be addressed by trimming and reshaping the cartilage. This creates a more refined and narrower tip, bringing harmony to the face and making the nose smaller.

Alar plasty

For those with wide nostrils, alar base reduction is an option. This involves removing a small piece of tissue from where the nostril meets the cheek, reducing nostril width and achieving a more balanced appearance.

Septal reconstruction

In cases where a deviated septum contributes to the width, the surgeon may perform septoplasty to alter the septum, improving the overall shape and function of the nose.

Reshaping of nasal bones

If prominent nasal bones contribute to the width, an osteotomy may be performed, involving breaking and repositioning the nasal bones to create a narrower appearance.

Types of wide nose rhinoplasty

There are two approaches with which your nose width and nose tip can be reduced.

Open nose job procedure

In open rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes an incision across the columella, the small strip of skin between the nostrils. This allows direct access to the nasal structures by lifting the skin and soft tissue. The open approach provides better visibility for the surgeon, which is particularly advantageous in complex cases or when significant reshaping is needed.

However, open rhinoplasty is more invasive compared to the closed method. That is the reason why Mr. Golchin chooses the open rhinoplasty approach only for complex cases, like when dealing with a twisted nose or abnormalities in the tip.

Closed nose job procedure

Closed rhinoplasty involves making all incisions inside the nostrils, leaving no visible scars on the outside of the nose. While this approach is less invasive and typically results in a quicker recovery, it has limitations in accessing nasal structures. This can make it more challenging for the surgeon to perform extensive reshaping or address complex issues.

Still, closed rhinoplasty doesn’t make your skin loose, which is precisely why it is the preferred choice of Mr. Golchin as well. This lack of skin looseness enables the doctor to make more precise assessments of your nose shape and effectively analyse bulbous nasal tips.

Bulbous nose tip rhinoplasty procedure

Bulbous tip rhinoplasty or bulbous nose job is a cosmetic procedure aimed at changing the shape of the nose, typically by reducing the size of the tip. Individuals with bulbous nasal tips often have rounded, dome-like noses due to the shape, size, or positioning of the lower lateral cartilages.

This rhinoplasty, which is also called tip plasty involves reshaping the cartilage to craft a more defined and aesthetically pleasing nasal tip that blends well with the other facial features. The ultimate objective of this procedure is to achieve a more refined and visually appealing nose, better proportioned to the overall face.

Recovering from a rhinoplasty surgery

After a rhinoplasty procedure, patients can head home right away to begin their recovery. Bruising tends to decrease daily, and within three days, residual swelling noticeably diminishes. It’s important to note that swelling at the bridge and upper parts of the nose recedes faster due to thinner skin. Some patients might also face breathing difficulties.

Nasal tip swelling may persist a bit longer because it moves from the bridge down to the tip before dissipating. However, this swelling eventually resolves. Factors like skin thickness and the extent of work done to narrow the tip also influence the duration of swelling.

Swelling after rhinoplasty in London is typical and depends on the procedure’s complexity. More extensive work, such as rebuilding a nose due to multiple fractures or a deviated septum, may result in slightly more swelling and bruising. Nonetheless, this subsides within 7 to 10 days, not the commonly thought 3 weeks.

The overall healing process for rhinoplasty is akin to any other operation, taking about 3 months or 100 days. However, improvements are noticeable much earlier, typically within 3 to 4 weeks. It’s crucial for any rhinoplasty patient to let nature take its course without excessive manipulation, massaging, or applying tapes to encourage optimal healing.

Make your big nose rhinoplasty surgery more manageable

Recovering from a big nose rhinoplasty can be more manageable with these helpful tips.

1. Follow your consultant’s advice:

Consult your doctor before and after the surgery for guidance on recovery. They will provide instructions on when you can return to work or exercise and may suggest wearing a nose splint for added protection.

2. Rest up:

Despite feeling tired during recovery, prioritise ample rest to aid faster recovery and resume your daily routine. If you need to go out, wear a hat and sunglasses to protect the newly operated nose area from UV rays.

3. Keep a close eye on your diet:

Counter bleeding in the throat or nose post-surgery by consuming an iron-rich diet, including foods like spinach, broccoli, beans, and lentils. Iron supplements can also help absorb iron more efficiently in your body.

4. Applying ice packs:

Apply ice packs or cold compresses to your face several times a day during the initial week of recovery. Cold compresses reduce swelling and bruising by constricting blood vessels and provide pain relief by numbing nerve endings.

Any risks involved with wide nose rhinoplasty surgery?

Like any surgery, nasal procedures come with minimal risks and potential complications. The most common risks associated with wide nose job surgery include:

● Revision rhinoplasty

Sometimes, patients are dissatisfied with the results of their initial wide nose job and opt for a revision. While the decision to undergo a primary rhinoplasty is exciting, choosing a revision can be daunting. Despite concerns, if you’re not satisfied with the first results, a revisionary procedure can address your concerns and achieve the desired outcome.

● Nose scarring

Incisions made during nose job surgery may result in scars on both sides of the nose. Although these scars typically fade over time, they may not disappear entirely. Scarring at the base of the nose can affect breathing and potentially lead to infections in that area.

● Residual swelling

Swelling is a common complication after rhinoplasty and may persist for up to two weeks post-surgery. To address this, doctors often provide ice packs to reduce swelling and may prescribe a nasal steroid spray to help with inflammation. Additionally, oral pain medication may be prescribed for the initial days following surgery.

● Infection

While rare, infection of the surgical site is possible after rhinoplasty. It’s crucial to keep all sutures clean during the healing process and diligently follow your doctor’s postoperative instructions to minimise the risk of infection.

● Bleeding

Nose bleeding is a common occurrence that can result from trauma during surgery or accidentally bumping into hard objects post-surgery. Smoking heavily, both before and after the procedure, can also contribute to poor blood circulation and increase the risk of bleeding. To minimise these risks, it’s essential to refrain from smoking for at least one month before and after the surgery, allowing proper healing of scar tissue.

Overall, the reassuring aspect, however, is that Mr. Golchin, along with his skilled surgical team, is committed to preventing potential complications and risks, such as bleeding, infection, and rejection of foreign materials, from occurring during the procedure.

Opt for the best rhinoplasty surgeon

Choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon is a crucial decision that requires thoughtful consideration. The effectiveness of minimising scar tissue is closely tied to the skill and expertise of the chosen surgeon.

If you’re feeling insecure about having a wide nose and wish to enhance your facial features, a wide nose rhinoplasty could be the ideal solution. Taking the next step involves scheduling a consultation with Mr. Golchin. During this, you can openly discuss your concerns and desired outcomes before making a final decision and setting a date for your surgery.

So, are you ready to begin your journey? Mr. Golchin embodies all the qualities of an outstanding ENT consultant.

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